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Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Thinner Thighs with Inner Thigh Exercises!

Slim down your thighs for summer!

thinner thighs, exercises
One of the hardest trouble zones to slim down are yourinner thighs. People - women especially - want to know how to tone this area for bikini season.  Wearing a bathing suit is a daunting task and nothing says "fit" quite like thin and toned legs.  

Here are some of the most efficient exercises to incorporate into your fitness routine to make sure your adductors feel the burn.

The most important lower body move you can do for your bikini body is the squat. Be sure that you are doing it properly by checking out this video. It's very helpful for anyone who has never worked out with a personal trainer because putting too much strain on your knees will lead to some problems you don't want to deal with, especially later in life when your metabolism starts slowing down.

Just doing a few squats a day will tone your lower body but if you are serious about getting thinner thighs you'll need to monitor your diet and up the ante when it comes to fat burning workouts.  This means doing hard cardio interval training at least 2 days a week.  Combining intense periods of cardio training with short recovery intervals will scorch calories and fat, making your new toned muscles visible to see!

The above video is my favorite thigh thinning exercise.  Here are some more of the best moves that are great to add to your routine for getting those thin thighs.  The links will show you how to do each one if you are not familiar with the title.